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The Smartest Way to Sell a Home

When you decide to sell your home, you need an edge over the competition. You need an agent who can make your home stand out from the crowd, get page views online, and get plenty of showings from local agents and brokers. Ultimately, it does no good to list your home if it doesn’t sell. We are here to give you an edge in that process.

Any agent can list your home for you. But there’s a reason so many listings expire unsold—because the listing agent was great at listing, but not so great at selling. We’ve been selling homes to satisfied buyers for years, and will give you the edge you need to sell your home for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, using our proven marketing and negotiation process. We help you get ahead of other sellers.

Not a listing agent, a selling agent

Most agents today are all about the marketing it takes to get a listing, but the follow-through required to get the home sold is lacking. They think that getting the home on the MLS is where their work ends. The way we see it, that’s where our work starts!

Selling your home persuasively on the MLS is an art. There are likely hundreds of homes in “inventory” in the MLS in your general area. Getting yours to stand out is our niche area of specialization. We don’t leave the MLS entry to back office staff. We write compelling copy, take the right photos to sell your home, and make sure they are uploaded to the the MLS from the very first time the listing goes live.

First we market your home aggressively to local buyer’s agents and brokers. Then we market it online directly to potential buyers via many websites, not just ours. Our team has a decade of experience in digital marketing of real estate. We also get your home into the most responsive print publications in the Treasure Valley to make sure the right buyers find your home. It’s not enough to just do mass advertising, and call it a day. The edge we give you is that we target our advertising using Facebook and other online ad platforms to deliver the buyers who are most likely to make an offer on your home.

We’re into lifetime relationships!

Often, other agents don’t take the time necessary to build real relationships with their clients. That’s not how we operate. We want to get to know you, and allow you to get to know us at your own pace. So if you’re in the market to sell your home, let’s get together and have that first conversation. If you like what we’re all about, you give us a timeline of how you’d like to plan the sale of your home. We’ll be honored to take you on as yet another one of our satisfied clients.

Client testimonials

“Thank you Corey Chase for representing us as our Agent, not only once, but twice; first as we sold our old home, and then again for the purchase of our new home. Corey always maintained a high level of integrity and consistently provided up to date knowledge in the real estate industry. Our old house was listed on the market and sold after only one day and we proceeded with the purchase of our new house seamlessly. Thank you again Corey for your unfailing commitment to your clients.” ~Linda McClinton

“We were very blessed to have Corey Chase represent us in the buying of our new home. He was not only very through, but we always knew he had our best interests. Not only will we only use Corey in the future, but we just recommend him to family, and they were able to buy their new home!” ~Karrie Rush Seavey

Finding a realtor is as easy as finding a gas station but finding one that will WORK with you and fight the behind the scene battles is much more difficult. Granted, we didn’t know we would need a consummate professional bulldog when we started the process of selling our home, but we certainly appreciate COREY CHASE for fulfilling that role in our transactions. Corey handled the incompetent and unmotivated realtor our (1st) buyer hired as well as the unethical loan officer (who denied the buyer’s loan the day before signing after pre-approving the loan). Corey relisted our home the day the sale fell through and we had another buyer within 48 hours because of his tenacity. COREY CHASE is the realtor you want on your side to sell your home and purchase your next one.  ~ Susan Logue

Idaho Home Seller’s Edge October 17, 2016